Friday, July 04, 2014

selfportrait of an artis as trying to emerge

Trying to emerge in the art market it's quite a tough thing. Like if I was caught under an avalanche it's so difficult to know if I'm really digging the way up.
Accept precarious jobs in order to survive and dedicate your free time to the major glory of your art... you're digging up and when you think you're reaching the surface you realize you are still under the ground, under-ground.
I've been spending so many years trying to emerge that I'm starting to feel comfortable under the ground so I'm not going to consider me an emerging artist anymore, from now on I'll call  myself an underground artist.
As a matter of fact my art looks pretty underground, and I have quite an underground taste myself ( I love garage and psychobilly music, B and Z movies, underground comic...)
So I'm not digging up anymore I accept my underground Self.

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