Friday, October 26, 2007

Theese are images from the exhibition "Catalunya Look" that took place in BERLIN (Art Center, september 27- october 20). Two of my sculptures were there ("Alice's new doll" and "Giacometti's new doll").
In the vernisage-opening photos I'm the third from the right (standing).
The exhibition was organizated by Galeria 3punts (Barcelona) and produced in collaboration with Institut Ramon Llull. In the exhibituion you could see the work of some well known artists as Tapies or Plensa, (and also two of my works!).
We had a great time in Berlin.

Hello this sculpture is called "Contorsionists of Siam". It´s made of wood and painted. A galerist from Paris bought it. And now I have some money to keep working.
See You soon
Joan Priego.