Thursday, March 24, 2016

Treatise of Human Nature, installation

Once I watched a documentary film about a gang of  adolescent chimpanzees walking around the jungle looking for fun and trouble. They were quite aggressive and destructive, but I found their behaviour very similar to humans at same age.
That's why I think that in spite of all our culture and history we are just primates, and our political systems, our society have a lot to do with that.
This can be someway discouraging because it means that in our hierarchical organizations it will allways be some kind of underlying violence. But in any case it can also be encouraging because any primate group need mutual support in order to prosper and survive.
I wanted to make an sculpture installation that focus on that.
Two well dressed gentelmen are facing each other in an aggressive ape way, meanwhile a Howling Monkey sits at the top of a pile of books.
All sculptures are life size,carved in wood and painted.

The amateur taxidermist (wood version)

Here are some pictures of The Amateur Taxidermist, carved in wood and painted 12x30x25cmts