Friday, November 17, 2006

This is just a 32 centimeters tall outline of a big sculpture I´ll make some day. It´s called "Arpia" (Harpy) and it´s made of carved wood and poliester resin

Monday, October 09, 2006

Hello again!
This sculpture is called Trickster. It represents a kid that´s wearing adult woman´s legs as trousers. He wants to catch a ball but his trouser-legs are too big and he can not reach the floor.
The sculpture represents the opposition between the child and the adult that are inside all of us and that sometimes when they don´t work together even an easy action becomes a big problem.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hello again! This is called Great capitalist selfportrait It´s a selfportrait of me as a piggybank.
It´s a very special work of art because it´s the only work of art that buyer can increase its value just inserting coins thru its slot. Increassing its value in this easy way buyer does not need to worry about the fluctuating art market.
As an exception it´s not made of wood but terra-cota and epoxi resin.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Giacometti´s new doll
I made this wood carved doll thinking about the walking men sculptures of Giacometti.
It is a fragmented walking doll that I think Giacometti would like to have in his toy´s room.

When I was a child the spanish gipsies used to come to my neigborhood to make a kind of street-circus-show. One of them played an "spanish pasodoble" on his trumpet

Then a goat climbed to the top of a can on the top of a ladder

In the late 80´s new laws make those improvised street shows disappear.

This wooden sculpture is a tribute to those gipsies of my childhood

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Playing darts upon Saint Sebastian Chest

This is a Saint Sebastian with a dartboard painted on his cheast.
It is more an instalation than an sculpure.
Spectators can play darts on his cheast.

It is a kind of role-play where playing darts upon Saint Sebastian´s chest, people can think about violence and victims in society.

Playing darts upon Saint Sebastian´S Chest spectators take the role of the roman soldiers who martyr Sebastian.

The work wants to make us think about the roles of tyrant&victim that we all play in contemporany society.

It is made of wood and its size is 200x50x55cms.

See you soon


This is called "The illusion of the mass". It is inspired in a kitsch toy that was very popular in spanish cars, the toy was a dog with a moving head that was nodding when the car was moving.
The sculpture as the dog has a moving head, and the spectators can make it nod when they want to.
It is a kind of role-play where spectators can feel like opinion creators making the sculpture nod.
It represents post-modern mass media subject. The dedicated follower of fashions, opinions, the "one way thinker".
It´s made all of wood.
I hope you like.
See you soon

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hy there!
I´m Juan Priego from Barcelona a 36yo woodcraving-artist.
On 27th of june I´ll make an exhibition in Barcelona. I shoud be happy but I´m not cause they censure some of my works. So I want to publish here some photos of them.
I´m new in this so I didn´t know how to turn the photos before publish. So you´ll have to turn your head to see them properly.

The Bather
A man´s going to take a bath dressed with a woman-shaped-bathing suit. The work talks about opposites identities that join toghether on art surface. If identity is builded fron the difference, the surface of an art work is the place where opposites meet. Male and female in the wooden surface of a work of art.

I have to go now to my Aikido lessons. Some other day I´ll show you some more of my work.
P.S. Any proposal for exhibition or from an art gallery will be wellcome.