Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hy there!
I´m Juan Priego from Barcelona a 36yo woodcraving-artist.
On 27th of june I´ll make an exhibition in Barcelona. I shoud be happy but I´m not cause they censure some of my works. So I want to publish here some photos of them.
I´m new in this so I didn´t know how to turn the photos before publish. So you´ll have to turn your head to see them properly.

The Bather
A man´s going to take a bath dressed with a woman-shaped-bathing suit. The work talks about opposites identities that join toghether on art surface. If identity is builded fron the difference, the surface of an art work is the place where opposites meet. Male and female in the wooden surface of a work of art.

I have to go now to my Aikido lessons. Some other day I´ll show you some more of my work.
P.S. Any proposal for exhibition or from an art gallery will be wellcome.

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