Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Contortionists of Siam #6

 This is CONTORTIONISTS OF SIAM #6 carved in wood. 107x61x49cmts

Contortortionists and Siamese contortionists is a main topic in my work. In our west society dominated by the way of prodution of the postfordist capitalism work has become a way of virtous performance that has no longer the production of valuables as a result
As the philosopher and semiologist Paolo Virno argues the charasteristics of the virtuous performer - pianist, dancer, actor...- such as improvisation, comunication, are nowadays in the foundation of the interllectual mass work.
A new kind of work that is structured in the same way of a public sfere were all of us as workers we are countinously exposed to the presence and the look of the Other
I think that because of the demands of flexibility and constant training. And due of the deep crisis the figure of the contortionist has become the paradigm - among all performers- of the new social precariat
As contortionists we twist and turn following the working market requirements
As Siamese contortionists our intellectial work faces us to the look of the Other, that is just another Self, twisting and mixing with us in our everyday's pirouette since we no longer know where the Self finishes and where the Other starts.
As fragmented contortionists we adquire new skills and we remove our useless organs.
Flexibility, constant training, precious employment...
to look at the grotesque figures of 'the secret life of a contortionist' it's to look at ourselves

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